how to unblock something I blocked

How do I do this I am sure plenty of others have asked but I am not he most computer literate person and just need a simple explanation please

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

it would be helpful to know some more details like which component did you block the file with (firewall, hips etc)

I was getting hacked all weekend and I had to block everything so I have taken a screen shot for you from my firewall can you tell me which ones are ok? I have probably blocked too much but it was a case of safer than sorry and I did get infiltrated but ran rogue killer to get rid because I have no idea how to use the killswitch stuff if thats what it does!!! it found some svc host files and killed them and a keylogger but that was probably my fault that it got through as I tried to rollback the comp with the restore and then it crashed so I have had to fix heaps of broken files etc and the registry was clogged with ■■■■ as well all the cisco files were gone I dont know what they do or if I even needed them ?? I have no idea how to get that stuff back …most things were easy to fix still a bit worried as I noticed my browser settings had changed too but I guess thats no surprise …the comodo stood up to all that really well!!! this guy obviously knows what he is doing he started friday night with hijack software dressed up as windows files and then dddosed me then sent viruses then malware then rootkits …he stopped 2 min before the provider opened up monday morning …they changed my ip for me so hopefully all will be well now…thanks for the help by the way

screen shot

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The logs show you have enabled anti- ARP spoofing. If the source and destination addresses are then you’re safe; that there is nobody at your local network spoofing its presence.