how to unblock firewall for geswall

hi please can you let me know how to re allow geswall to be installed because i blocked access by comodo firewall because it does not seem to recongnize geswall now when i try to install windows alerts me you do not have rights to access this file the power of comodo firewall wonderfull because obviously i blocked it at the time but how do i give it rights because it is legitmate application but comodo does not see it as one i wonder why this is??

why is there no help in this forum?? i posted three questions all which have no reply makes you not want to use comodo anymore and just change to a alternative

Can you show us the Defense + logs?

hi eric im in this topic

shall i stll allow these firewall alerts

and i have combined my post in one to avoid confusion please see the above post of mine and i will provide a log in that post for all if needed thanks for replying and sorry for double post confusion