How to unblock a blocked application?

I checked the FAQ and the answer given: “Navigate to Firewall>>>Advanced>>>Network Security Policy and remove that particular application/process you Allowed or Denied. You can also Edit to Block the application, etc.” evidently does not match the latest version of CIS Premium.

I have blocked an application that needs to be unblocked. It shows up as blocked in the View Firewall Events tab but is not shown in the Network Security Policy tab as indicated in the quoted comment above. How do I unblock it?


Hi not in a good mood,

Welcome to the forums, for CIS 5 the path is;

Firewall, Network Security Policy, Application Policy tab should show the blocked app.
I’ll update the FAQ in question.

Thanks for the reply.

I have an Application Rules tab, but not an Application Policy tab.
And nothing seems to show up in the Application Rules except a grayed out line that says “Block and Log All Unmatching Requests”.

Where now?


Yes, the Application Rules are were you need to be looking.

Perhaps you could post a screenshot showing your Application Rules list?

No joy on inserting a clipboard image from Snag-it…

it should be possible to save it as .jpg and then chose >Additional Options… on a reply post to attach the image.

OK, here goes again…

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Can you tell which application shows up as “blocked” on the logviewer?
As there are no blocked applications here I suspect its “Windows Operating System” right?

No it’s in Program Files\java…\deploy.jar is what is being blocked.


And is that listed in the Firewall Policy? if you scroll down from the list you showed?

No it shows up in the View Firewall Events.
There is no more to the Application Rules tab, what’s shown in the screen-shot is all there is, nothing more to scroll down to.
If it’s this confusing to you guys imagine how lost I am as a newbie.

I switched from Zone Alarm at the request of the IT guy who works on my machines. At least I could understand it. This one is…complex.

I assume you try to reboot to see if that still creates these entries?

It could be that it got sandboxed and is still active in memory now…
If so it should show up on “view active connections”

Can you verify Defense+ Unrecognized files list to see if it’s listed there?
Also please verify the Computer Security policy to see if it’s listed there, If listed i suggest to remove it and apply the policy…

Defense +>Unrecognized Files: Nothing there.
Computer Policy: Not there.
View Active Connections: Not there either.

Reboot: Can’t do that now, will try later.


This is happening to me too. In Firewall Events log it shows up, I would like Comodo to always allow it, how?

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I think I figured it out all by myself! I opened “Define A New Application” and added in the path and it now appears as a custom allowed application. (Too bad you can’t simply right-click on the blocked application and select"allow" from the log, that would be too intuitive and easy!) We shall see if it works over time. I am not sure what part of Java tried to use it.

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since this thread came up as the google and yahoo #1 response to my search “comodo show blocked applications,” and the actual question was never answered, i thought i’d make a post.

to remove an application that you accidentally blocked

Defense+ > Computer Security Policy (obviously) > Defense+ Rules tab
this screen sorts by newest, so the most recently accidentally blocked item should be at the top.

Heres A Suggestion to the developers:
How about a clearly labeled list? something like “Defined Applications” with “Blocked” and “Trusted” tabs. a Common Tasks area would be great for something like this.

  1. Popup comes up: Defense+ asking if it should block the app.
  2. oops
  3. dbl click the systray icon. screen comes up.
  4. Firewall tab, has “Define New Blocked App” and “Define New Trusted App”
    “Oh. i can define new ones here. The removal function should be around here somewhere.” Nothing else says anything about Blocked Apps.

I like the diligence of the software, but the organization of the interface has never made any sense to me. I’m probably not as interactive with the security app as i should be; i haven’t customized it or anything. but that is largely because the interface seems so haphazard.

And i’m no newbie like the originator of this thread. I’ve been solidly in tech for 30 years. i’ve sold, operated and supported pcs. these days i’m a web developer (LAMP, etc). When the interface gets in the way of someone that is seasoned, then it’s probably time to reevaluate.