how to type this script (sorry for the extra thread)

how would i type this in the command

del C:\boot\bcd
bcdedit /createstore c:\boot\bcd.temp
bcdedit.exe /store c:\boot\bcd.temp /create {bootmgr} /d “Windows Boot Manager”
bcdedit.exe /import c:\boot\bcd.temp
bcdedit.exe /set {bootmgr} device partition=C:
bcdedit.exe /timeout 10
del c:\boot\bcd.temp

i would figure you would press enter whenever you reach the end of the line but after the first two lines that doesnt work anymore and if you press enter at the end of the third line it says ‘‘doesn’t recognize’’ or something like that

i actually got it to work but now when i clcik to login it loads with a blue screen but nothing happens?

I’m afraid you’re running out of options. If you’ve tried everything on those links I gave you and you’re still getting blue screens, either something in the repair process hasn’t worked correctly or you installation of Vista is so corrupted, it cannot be repaired.

About all I can suggest now is trying an over the top install, you may be lucky and it will detect your previous installation and repair it, or you will have to reinstall completely.

Sorry I can’t offer any better suggestions.

ok this might very well be my last will on this lol do you know what the driver names are and any other name from the system cleaner that i can locate through the search feature on ubuntu because i can get into my computer through the ubuntu cd so if you can give me the names of the system cleaner files maybe i can locate them and delete them or disable them