How to transfer ssl to a new hosting?

Hi My client is changing her hosting, but she has comodo ssl installed on her current hosting.
So the questions is how to transfer the SSL to new hosting?

More information is needed in order to give specific information. As long as the domain is the same, you should be able to transfer the cert. Specific steps necessary to move the SSL certificate may be different based on whether the server is a shared server, or VPS or dedicated server, and if it uses a Plesk or WHM/cPanel control panel.

Most hosting services have instructions for transferring an SSL certificate and it would be worth searching on “transfer ssl” and add the name of the hosting service, or “install third party SSL” and the name of the hosting service. Some hosting services will also help transfer the domain and may install the SSL certificate for you on the new server.

Or instead of searching, it would probably be worth going to the new hosting service’s support line/chat and ask if they could give you a reference as to how to transfer your SSL certificate to your new server.

Hopefully that helps. However, if you need more help, if you would give more information as to where you’re transfering from/to and whether it is shared hosting or VPS I could help with better information.