How to test that CIS is working?

This seems an obvious question (to me anyway) but I can’t find any discussions about this. When I do a general 'net search on it I come-up with a testmypcsecurity website from 2008 (ancient!).

The devs must have some methods for testing their work–is there anything an ordinary user can do to (try to) reassure onesself that CIS is working properly?

Good question!

When I downloaded malware pack at MalwareTips to my surprise I found out that CIS on one my PC almost doesn’t detect malware. Other users reported good detection of CIS.

I wish I could safely check CIS protection.

does leaktest solve this problem ? i tried it - yes, cis works - i should have preferred like a comodo site test evaluating the percentage of success … and advices for doing better (configuring a better protection).

Yikes I’d have thought this was an easy question!

I haven’t fiddled with LeakTest for years (last updated in 2005!) but CIS wouldn’t easily let me run it so I guess that’s a good thing.

Off to see what “MalwareTips” is about…

EDIT: OK well I guess perhaps my question was a bit naive after all, at least wrt testing the overall EFFECTIVENESS of CIS given all the various types of issues a computer might have to deal with. So I don’t mean/want to bombard my PC(s) with attacks to see if CIS succumbs to one of them.

I was just wondering after updating to 7 how I know it’s working. I guess only time will tell, and in the meantime we have “faith”!


Actually I did only the on-demand static tests on “malware packs” from that forum. It is very safe and almost useless. I see no problem with this CLT. You just must:

disable AutoSandbox
erase all previous rules about this CLT if you have any
make HIPS on Paranoid or Safe
make HIPS block all requests with auto-deny (just not to press “No” manually)
allow CLT to run from UAC if you use it
allow CLT to run with CIS popup

and it must make 340/340 by itself
I did it from 5.x to 6.3 and I believe 7.x must be the same.

Though it’s a rather old test for HIPS only. I would prefer COMODO elaborate some new comprehensive test for AV, AutoSanbox, HIPS, FW - just to check if CIS is OK. Though I think this task is not easy.

so why not a mode " test " !