How to terminate connection


how can I terminate certain conections ? For instance, I click terminate, but the connection appears back in the Active connections window and it has never realy been terminated ? This doesn’t work for most cases, and mostly for the “incoming” connections. Can anyone explain ? Is this on the fix list yet ?


I’ve also got that strange behavior of some connections that definitely refuse to be terminated from the CFP interface, but it seems that concerns only those being in a “listening” state, so temporarily not transmitting data. When those in an active state, transmitting data, can always be terminated. Gotta watch that more to absolutely confirm though. Now it’s normal when you terminate some connections that they come back if the application is still running and normally tries to reconnect, like your mail client checking for new mails, or an instant messaging software.

So, any ideas, how to terminate incoming connection ?

For an incoming or listening connections, the active process that initiated it should just reinitiate it if you terminate it.