How to Suppress Alert

I have a batch file that runs an application on a network drive. I can’t get Comodo stop alerting me every time it runs. I have allowed the request and checked “Remember my answer” many times and also selected “Treat this application as a Trusted Appllication” may times. How can I get Comodo to stop alerting me about this safe file repeatedly?

Try giving the batch file the Updater/Installer policy, then it will be allowed to start other applications without user consent.

Let us know if that works or not.

Thanks for the suggestion. That helps a little.

The Alert window doesn’t have that as an option, so I gave the batch file Updater/Installer policy in the Defense+ Computer Security Policy window. No more Alerts for the batch file.

But the batch file runs an exe on the network. I have made the exe a Trusted Application in the Network Security Policy window and made it an Updater/Installer in the Defense+ Computer Security Policy Window. I’m getting many prompts from this exe for network access, COM interface access, DNS access, and Windows Socket Interface access.

How do I suppress all these alerts?

That was something I was afraid could happen (I am not familiar with your particular situation).

By default CIS will treat all executables on mounted devices (USB sticks, USB drive, programs on a network, encrypted volumes …) as untrusted. That is by design.

I just tried starting a trusted installer from a USB stick with v6 mod preview and it did not get sandboxed or got an elevate privileges alert. Things will be different with v6 for you.

May I suggest that you make that an option? This one problem makes CIS useless to us, because ALL of our software and files are on a SAN. Only the core operating systems are on local drives.

Trying to run Comomdo here is a nightmare. You have to click OK hundreds or thousands of times to run any program. Please don’t make assumptions about network drives being un-trustworthy, that is not correct.

All of our domain documents and software have been on a DFS (distributed file system) spread across SAN for over 15 years, and it ROCKS!

Please do. It can be done in the Wishlist - CIS board.

Firewall / D+ logs are your friends. This is where you get the FULL pathnme.

You should substitute * or ? wildcards appropriately so as to define rules in D+.

Suppressing alerts is evil.

Make them go away for stuff you konw all about.

You make the alerts go away for specific apps that you know about explicitly concerning resource access attmpts.