How to submit samples?

The e-mail address I have to submit virus samples to comodo isn’t working, and I can’t find any info on the Comodo website, the knowledgebase, or the forums. Granted it could just be bad search keywords I’m using, and the information is right under my nose…

Anyway, an e-mail address is best for me, since I can then add it to my list of other addresses that I submit to.

If anyone wants more info about the virus I discovered, then they can take a look at my forum topic on the Spybot Search & Destroy forums. I do ask that, if you are not affiliated with or employed by Comodo, that you do not follow the link that I have in that post on the Spybot Forums. Kaspersky Labs did reply to my e-mail and verify that this is a new virus, so currently nothing can be trusted to completely remove it.

Apparently I didn’t read the entire failure response to my e-mail. It was rejected because it contained a virus. I guess that means that Comodo Anti-Virus already detects this virus. Odd that I would have been the first to submit this to Kaspersky Labs, but not the first to submit it to Comodo…

WOW,that means CAV is one step forward than Kaspersky :BNC. i’ve read in forum that kaspersky (or maybe AVG?) updates it’s database every hour. and still cannot detect this virus?

Anti-Virus software companies rely on users to submit samples of viruses. What probably happened was that a Comodo user came across this virus, and submitted it only to Comodo. That being said, 4 other anti-virus softwares (ClamAV, AntiVir, etc) were also detecting it. Kaspersky was only one of over a dozen that just hadn’t been given a sample of the virus yet.

As for McAfee, they won’t review the sample I sent, since it’s not in a password protected ZIP file. Too bad for their customers, I guess…

Tnx for the follow-up, GT500. You may also submit suspect files directly from CAVS. Open CAVS, go to the Quarantine tab. At the bottom is an option to submit files directly to Comodo.

If I remember correctly, this function utilizes the internet connection settings from IE to create a connection to Comodo and send the file.


PS: I’ve moved this thread to the appropriate board.

I don’t use CAVS on any of my computers. Normally I use avast! or NOD32 on Windows, although I will admit that CAVS sounds like a nice alternative.

My concern was entirely that as many anti-virus software vendors be advised of this virus as possible, and I did not want to leave Comodo out. :wink:

Appreciate you thinking of Comodo! :smiley: If you have Nod, that’s a good one to stick with for the time being, IMO. Like a good single-malt, CAVS needs to be aged in an oak cask for a while… Once the next version goes final, I think it will probably be a winner.