How To - Stop Logging Blocked Torrent Port When Client Is Closed

To Stop the Firewall logging problem when your Torrent client is Closed.

You have noticed that your firewall logs fill up with Blocks attributed to the Mysterious Windows Operating System. ???
You don’t see any Application Rule for Windows Operating System.
It seems like the World wants to get at your OS. :o
You’ve noticed that all these IP’s are going after the same port incessantly. >:(
You will further notice that it is the Port you have set up for your Torrent client to “Listen” on.
Further still you see that these Blocks only occur after you have Closed/Shutdown your Torrent Client.

When the Torrent client is running it handles all of these requests.
When the Torrent client is shutdown, the requests continue but no one is listening.
The Firewall just defaults the dropped/blocked requests to the Windows Operating System.
No harm, but the logs fill up fast with these Blocks aimed at “Nobody’s Home Man” >:(

Finally to Fix It :slight_smile:

Leave your Torrent client running all the time and pause or finish all torrents, when you want to stop traffic.
And not have the rampant logging.


Open CIS GUI > Firewall > Network Security Policy

Application Rules > Add

Application Network Access Control > Select > Running Processes

(highlight) Windows Operating System > Select

Application Network Access Control > Use a Custom Policy > Add

Network Control Rule

Action = Block Do not check the box to “Log as a firewall event…”

Protocol = TCP or UDP

Direction = IN

Description: “Torrent Port Logging Filter” or your preference.

Source Address > Any
Destination Address > Any
Source Port > Any
Destination Port > A Single Port = Your Logging Problem Torrent Port #
Apply > Apply > OK

Yer Done!!

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