How to stop containment

I’m running CIS Premium 10, version

I have a Freeware game ’ FreeOrion" that has updates about every week. Every time I install this game, I run CIS on the downloaded file and then again on the three exe files that are in the game. However, every time I try to install the game, CIS insists it has to be contained… So I have to go back in and te.l it to unblock the program and remove it from the Unrecognized files list.

What can I do to stop CIS from containing this program? Appreciate any and all suggestions.

If the exe files are digitally signed, you can add the signature to the trusted vendor list.
If not, you can create a rule in the auto-containment to ignore the exe files

Thanks, Jon79. Can you also point me to where in the Help file I can found how to do what you suggest. Really appreciate your help. Thanks

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Add files to trusted vendor list:
then scroll down until here:

Add an “ignore” rule to auto-containment:

then scroll down until here:

Thanks again, Jon79. That is exactly what I need. Really appreciate the help

– Gene