How to stop connections from a certain DNS

How can I stop connections from different IP’s which i don’t know but I know the DNS server where are coming from?

You can try adding the resolver IP addresses in your deny list.

I don’t have a deny list, can I create one in firewall?

As a global rule with block and than IPV4 range address?

What is the OS and Firewall on your server?

Win 7 /64 CIS firewall and is not a server.
for example I want to block every connection coming from which I believe is the name but don;t know the address range it can spit towards my PC.

Incoming connections will be blocked by default. You don’t have to do anything. What program is logging these incoming connections?

Don’t know exactly how to create the rule to block domain.
Some images will help.

Just for clarity. Do you want to block connections to or connections from that domain? Unsolicited incoming traffic will be blocked by default.

both directions I don’t want my PC to connect to that domain in anyway

You can use the blocked network zone feature of the firewall Comodo Internet Security Blocked Zones, Network Connection | CIS Help and use hostname as the blocked address type and fill in domain.

the domain is owned by Tucows, the Internet service company. Check out their registration details at Whois You might want to visit their website at for FAQs or email their admin people at zdenek (at) IMO it would be safer for everyone if you tackled the DNS issue rather than blocking everything from them.

Hi Redhowler,

just a short discalimer - my name is Oskar, I’m writing this on behalf of my employer (CDN77).

I do not really see a reason for blocking our website, but feel free to do it.
However what you probably had in mind is blocking some of the CDN resources of our clients, which are located on a subdomain of not
That might be due to the fact, that people who spread malware use our free trial to do so, however we do have systems in place to deal with those.
In spite of all our effort, it is impossible to detect and block these clients fast enough before they damage our reputation severely. We are constantly looking into resolving these issues faster, however there is no easy way of doing so.
Please keep in mind that by blocking you run into risk that a website which uses our CDN won’t render properly, because you’ll be blocking some of the resources delivered from our CDN (videos, images, css & js files).