HOw to stop antivirus from running at system startup? [Resolved]

how do I stop the antivirus form running at system startup?

Are you relating to CAVS or another AV?

Well, For starters, For CAVS you go to START>RUN and type msconfig go to Services, disable CAVS services, then Startup, disable CAVS startups there, and reboot.


Just making a correction on Josh’s post - it is msconfig

Thank you for correcting me, Minor typo :slight_smile:


Haven’t tried it myself yet, but isn’t it always better to disable something through services/administrative tools?

Been going to try one way or the other when I get on my Windows computers, but haven’t been on one in last few days.

If there is a service running for Comodo antivirus (I don’t remember if there is, but it makes sense that there might be one), you can go to start → run → services.msc and put it on manual or disable it completely. Putting it on manual will usually allow the service to run when it’s needed rather than automatically, there are a few exceptions to this though (the print spooler service, for example, needs to be on automatic otherwise one can’t print. Manual doesn’t work for it) and CAVS may be one of those. Try it and find out. If something doesn’t work right within it (on demand scanning, or on access scanning for example) leave it on automatic.

You can also download a program called What’s Running. This will show you services (the equivalent of services.msc) and also processes that start at bootup (like msconfig). Personally, I like what’s running because of it’s ease of use. I also would rather not play around with msconfig as it will often give you a warning or two the next time you reboot that you disabled some things. Of course, if you know what you’re doing then you turn the warning off and move on with life, but why get it at all? Turning off the antivirus processes should prevent it from starting at startup. While, (if there is a service) you should just be able to turn it on when you need it).

If you do leave it off all the time though and just use it for on demand scanning I would save the hard drive space and hassle with that and just use an online based scanner if you can.


Don’t remember if their is a service running for this program? Cripe, it fires up 4 services!! Quite the resource hog actually. Hopefully, the people at Comodo are working on this? Personally, I hate programs that start automatically, although most people should have an av running real time, all the time. I just don’t prefer to do it that way. Almost willing to bet though that the on demand scanner won’t work if you disable the services. Going to find out here shortly.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes! I can set Comodo to manual in system services and disable startup through msconfig and still be able to manually start an update/scan!! One point for the Comodo team!!

Edit 2:
In fact, there is no need to even startup Comodo after disabling those item as you can still right click and scan items!! Almost like Clamwin for Windows, which I used to love just because it doesn’t have real time scanning built in. Give the Comodo team another brownie point!!

Interesting to know. I never actually messed with it, I just let it do it’s thing. I hate programs that automatically start to. Especially those by Microsoft. I think the antivirus team will most likely address it’s resource usage as we’re not the only ones who want a lean mean virus fighting machine. Very interesting stuff. One thing I’d make sure of if you’re keen on saving your resources is that Comodo doesn’t set itself back to automatic after a restart in services like those pesky MS processes love to do.


Noticed it doesn’t reset services back to automatic, but it does keep the servies running in task manager after manually starting the program. Simply killing them does the trick and no need to refire Comodo after updating.

A slight pain in the neck, but nothing to complain about.

Interesting. I think that can also be said of most processes though. They just don’t know how to turn themselves off. (:LGH)

For the sake of clarity, cork1958 PM’d me and requested this be added to the thread.

I have also discovered that if you have the on access scanner disabled when you start AV up, all those services DO NOT start up. Just the CMain, and it shuts down when you close Comodo after starting up and doing your update.

Sweet!! In my eyes.

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