How to sort a trojan + ? infected laptop that wont connect to the internet

A friend, whos son is seriously ill in hospital has given me his laptop as it “wont work”. He would like his son to have it so he can keep in touch with friends etc. The machine is a Samsung R45 running XP Pro with a pentium M processor. His Norton security expired several months ago and as he regularly uses a range of internet sites he appears to have picked up a Trojan ( flashing warning tells me this) I cant get it to connect to the internet or do pretty much anything else so am unable to download anything to his machine. Is there a way I can download something on my pc to disk and use the disk to solve this problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

You could download installation files to a USB Stick using your computer, then plug it into the affected one and install the programs.

You could download drweb cure to disc or usb stick & run it no installation needed. It’s helped me before.

Read this sticky topic and see if that solves it for you or not: .

I would like to add to the scanners to try the trial versions of Trojan Hunter (you can manually update it; very convenient in this situation) and Spy Sweeper.

Better download trial version of antivirus onto your computer, also the updates, write on a cd and copy them or else use ethernet / bluetooth / wireless or any means to copy the files to that system and install and scan…

when you can’t connect to the internet its usually the windows lsp (layer service provider) stack is corrupted

download and run the winsock 2 repair utility


also if you got superantispyware onto a usb stick and put on, it is great for removing malware and it has winsock repair and loads of system repairs such as homepage backround and stuff

Guys this is a long dead topic and the OP never replied.