How to setup website with SSL/non-SSL switching?

Just giving ZTL 1.0 a whirl and it looks good!
I have a question setting up an SSL enabled website:

When I want to set up a website using osCommerce, all normal browsing is standard non-encrypted http. When personal details are being entered by the customer (and hopefully a sale is being made), the website must switch to encrypted https mode.

How do I set up a combined SSL/non-SSL domain on ZTL that accesses the same public directory?

I tried entering a virtual SSL enabled server manually in Apache but then this traffic is being routed to the directory that handles all non-routeable traffic.

Any pointers are very much appeciated!


If you want to use SSL web interface for your website, you should add website on the new IP-address:

  • Open ‘ZTL Management’ → ‘Add Website’
  • Set ‘New IP Address’ (possible ‘Mask’ and ‘Device’)

You will see two Apache virtual host, for example:
Virtual Server 80 dom1.psoft.od /home/u1/public_html
Virtual Server 443 dom1.psoft.od /home/u1/public_html

Interesting method.
But it worked!