How to set up?

OK, I have no experience with cis 4 so it’s kinda surprising having to ask but here goes
It’s set to: learning mode
I d/l a programme or .jpg image - I save it to my documents on D: and it’s there when I choose the folder for saving stuff but it’s gone/ invisible the moment I enter my docs.

so my question: how to set it up for basic user to avoid popups and at the same time to be able to live freely?

Check the “My Pending Files” in CIS, maybe it’s there, if so, select the checkbox and move it to my safe files. Then check your documents folder.

Report back if it works.

Are you asking about Defense+ or the Firewall?
You should not keep either in ‘Training Mode’, it may prove hazardous to your computer’s health ;D

GakunGak, nope, I found the files in "VritualRoot’ on C: and just moved them to my docs.
How to optimize the procedure? Define a safe files folder in D: or?? any suggestions gents?

John B. I know! I just thought this would resolve the issue but it didn’t :wink:

Well, VritualRoot is a holder folder for all sandboxed things. If configured correctly, they should wait for you in the My Pending Files next time. Do a test, download something unknown and try to execute [that you know is safe, something from for example]. Then you will see sandboxed window, select don’t sandbox it again or go to my pending files, check the program and click on move to my safe files.
If not, temporary disable sandbox and retest with something new.


Specify specific download folder like Desktop\My Safe Download\ and go to CIS, Defense+, Common Tasks, My own safe files, Add>Browse files, and select your folder and select also Include files from subfolders too.
That should do the trick, but download there what you know that is safe.
Do a test and see if it helps anything

GakunGak,will do a test as soon as I get round to it
For now it seems logical and I thank you for that, mate

No problem, brother, just take your time… :-TU :slight_smile: