(How to set up mail gateway???) [solved as it is not needed] Read the next post

I have used Linux since 1998 (meaning I should not be a noob :stuck_out_tongue: ), but somehow I just can’t figure out how to set up a simple mail gateway. My problem is that even thought I understand English, I somehow don’t understand exactly what to enter in both Comodo (mail gateway) config and KMail config (I am from Finland and you can guess what language I speak (it is not Swedish ;D) )

I use only google mail servers for both sending and receiving (smtp.gmail.com and imap.gmail.com).
Could someone please provide what ports and servers to enter to “SMTP Gateway (any MTA)” and KMail (need just port/server info - others I can figure out :wink: )

Well - I guess I don’t need it, because I spent yesterday trying to send me an e-mail with virus attached.
Google’s servers blocked it and I have on access -protection level (so in theory it should not be able to do any harm ;)).
I just was hoping to set gateway to same PC where Linux is running.
Sure I could add fetchmail or similar, but it is not worth it.
If I try to download a file with virus, :-TU Comodo :-TU automatically removes it (before I try to save it to disk).