How to scan email for infections before opening the email?

I hope I am posting this topic in the correct forum, if it is not, then moderator, please move this posting to the proper place, thank you.
I search comodo for any previous postings of this question, and results came back negative.
I’m wanting to learn how I should go about scanning an email for infections, that has been sent to my yahoo or to my email accounts? as I would like to scan certain emails coming from known friends, prior to opening them.

The Comodo AV does not have an email scanner so you can’t scan them with Comodo.

However, Yahoo scans their emails for viruses an I assume Windows Live also will. To further protect yourself make sure that your email program does not automatically load images from your friends emails. Scripts are disabled by default these days for HTML mails so there is no harm to be expected from there. Don’t click on links of mails you don’t trust.