How to retrieve Network Password?

I created a Network and set up a password for everyone wanted to join in.
However, it was ages ago and I dont remember the password for that network.

What can I do to make those users wanting to join the network, can join?
How can I retrieve the password?

Also another question… how can a network be deleted permanent (not only on the local EasyVPN user network list)?

Please switch to Unite and it has feature to manage your networks on Unite website.
‘Menu->Networks->Manage Networks’
You could reset or find networks created by you password from this site.

  >> Also another question... how can a network be deleted permanent (not only on the local EasyVPN user network list)?
  If this network is created by you, right click on it and you will see 'Delete Network' menu item, by this you could delete the network permanently.  Or you could do it one Unite web site.
  If network is not created by you, you could not delete it. You could only join and leave it.

Thanx Junhua for your time helping and answering my questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can change to Unite, but right now its on RC (actually since end of May).
Do you think its stable enough to use in commercial environment?

When the final release will be available?

Thanks again and appreciate your time.

Final release will come soon.

Any time frame?

Also if I install RC, would I have to uninstall RC and install the final release?

Guess the most important question here is not WHEN, but how its going to be with the final release?

Those who have the Release Candidate, will have to uninstall and install the final release?
Or it will be an automated update?

Thanks, just need this info to see if I keep with EasyVPN until CU comes with the final release.


Unite release is avail on Comodo site now:
Hope you enjoy it and put your advice in forum. Thanks.

Nope, thats EasyVPN v2.3.76.0
Unite its v2.5.x, right?

Because I needed help to manage my networks and couldnt do it in v2.3.x.
I uninstalled it and installed v2.5.x and now even the logo its from unite. Before it was all EasyVPN.

Thats the main reason why I asked when UNITE will be released as final. :azn: