How to restore MBR (if you can't boot with/without CTM)

Can’t boot due to MBR error?

What is MBR?
A master boot record (MBR), or partition sector, is the 512-byte boot sector that is the first sector of a partitioned hard disk. The MBR may be used to hold a disk’s primary partition table. The MBR is not located in a partition; it is located at a Main Boot Record area in front of the first partition.

I found a freeware way to recover the MBR if, while installing/uninstalling CTM something gets wrong and you can’t boot due to MBR errors.
It’s about Partition Wizard Home Edition or, better, the Partition Wizard Bootable CD.

You can rebuild the MBR:

Start Partition Wizard, select a physical disk (not an individual partition) listed in the main window, select from top menu Disk > Rebuild MBR.
If MBR (Master Boot Record) of disk is damaged, system cannot boot. This feature will rewrite the Master Boot Record of the selected disk without destroying the disk partition table.

Watch how to use Partition Wizard to Rebuild MBR in this video.

CTM will be unusable (can’t run) after you restore the MBR.
All the snapshots are lost.
The system is booted in the “baseline” of CTM and NOT in the “current state”.

Hello thank you I have install this Tool

rebuild MBR and in this time working

Thank you

Well, we have the first test of it! Thanks!

I’ve tested in a XP Virtualbox machine and it worked like a charm.
Seems that it could help users with install/uninstall troubles with CTM.

Of course it does not solve all the problems. If you have a driver corruption (and can’t boot with “Last known good” configuration), you still have a BSOD loop and the Partition Wizard won’t help.

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Hey Tech,

That’s why I recommended Paragopn Hard Disk Manager about a month aog. It can do an MBR rebuild without affecting the disk partition layout. The SE version is available on several magazine coverdisks.

Ewen :slight_smile:

But it’s a shareware.
Partition Wizard does exactly the same - MBR rebuild without affecting the disk partition layout - for free :wink:

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Both Partition Wizard and iCare are great pieces of software,I’ve used them both on numerous occasions to great effect. :-TU

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5 Free Tools to Backup and Restore Master Boot Record (MBR).
Although I’ve prefer the method posted in the first post. Easier and reliable.

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Hi, this is a free utility from terabyteunlimited,

I wish someone would test it…

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I have with “TestDisk” wrote the New Mbr. After that I started with the boot Console CTM and restore a snapshot can be. That worked. Obviously you can let write the MBR is still new and the CTM installation are all snapshots.



(sorry for my basd english, i am from germany and i use a automatik translator to post here)

ok, i do the same with “partititon wizard” (wrote new mbr) and now comodo bootmenue is away and i cant start CTM when i loged in. I become message: “critical error A…, please install new…”



(i do this all only for testing in a virtual mashine !)

Obvious: the critical error is the reset of the MBR, i.e., you’ve lost the console. Uninstall CTM, boot, install it again to have the console and the Windows GUI.

The Free Version of EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition will also Rebuild MBR.

And Rescatux will also rebuild MBR.

Here’s some more basic backup advice that deals with boot sector issues:;msg746998#new

I have the same problem - after uninstall and reboot, CTM uninstall locks at 8%. Rebooting yields the same problem. I have run the Partition Wizard off a thumb drive and rebuilt the MBR - but now Windows Startup Repair is scanning and says it could take up to an hour to complete.

How could a problem this egregious and damaging be allowed to persist? I had faith in Comodo products before this, but not any more!

Whether or not this program is in development, THIS SHOULD BE FIXED.


Eradicating and replacing the MBR worked for me to get around the dreaded error “COMODO Time Machine can not initialize operating system information”.

I posted about it in detail in the relevant forum thread, here:

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