How to restore Loopback zone ?


I deleted accidentally my network zones :-[ . When i rebooted the pc, CFP told me that my privatre network was found , but it didn’t recreate the loopback zone that was here after installation.

What should i do to recreate this loopback zone .

thx (:WAV)

i tried to add manually a new zone called “loopback zone” with mask and to define it as trusted zone via the stealth port wizard, but when i reboot, my loopback zone has disapeared !!! (:AGY)

how can i manage comodo not to delete my zone after reboot ? do i have to reinstall cfp ?

Hi cvsa

Here is the loopback zone rule that I have.

IP in [ /]

If you add it and apply it should stay on reboot.


yes that’s what i did… but it doesn’t stay… ??? any idea ?

ok it finally worked and stay after reboot… :BNC

but i had to make apply several times… is it a little cfp bug ?

could any comodo member try to reproduce this (i’m under xp sp3 - eset nod32 v3 running) ?

  • delete loopback zone
  • reboot
  • create loopback zone
  • trust it via stealth port wizard
  • reboot and see if loopback zone is still here.