How to Resize CPF window

Revised 14 03 07:

OK, we all know that you can’t resize the CPF window and it is very annoying.

I’ve been using a little utility called CMDOW Commandline Utility for a few years now to resize, move, hide (and lots more) program windows where the programmer didn’t provide that facility. It annoys the hell out of me that programmers won’t store the window size and position of their applications.

CMDOW can be found at

All you need is a shortcut (with an icon from CPFSUBMIT.EXE - as CPF.EXE doesn’t have its own icon) with the following in the “Target” line:

CMDOW "COMODO Firewall Pro" /SIZ 1500 600 /MOV 100 572 /VIS

If you place CMDOW.EXE in the system32 folder it is always available. If you don’t want to do that then you need the path of CMDOW.EXE at the beginning, for instance:

"C:\Program Files\CMDOW\cmdow.exe" "COMODO Firewall Pro" /SIZ 1500 600 /MOV 100 572 /VIS

Obviously you’ll need to change the /SIZ size and /MOV position parameters to suit, this is for a 1600x1200 resolution screen - CMDOW web page helps.

After the first call of this shortcut you can click on the CPF taskbar icon and it will still appear at this size/position until you reboot/start up again.

Have fun!


Nice one Mark, thanks for sharing that.

And it will probably annoy Egemen. Especially, since at one point the CPF window could be resized (although it didn’t remember the size & position)… it was only after dumping the ActiveX GUI component that Egemen spotted a flickering problem when the GUI was resized. He temporarily disabled the resizing… and its remained that way ever since.


My pleasure.

Don’t see why it should annoy Egemen, I hope the team are working on it and getting this window back to being resizable and remember window position and column sizes - blimey, it’s a standard windows feature, not breaking any new grounds here.

I don’t see any real issues running the CPF window 1500x600 pixels big. Once I resized the columns they stay in place until I reset the computer and it is SO much easier to deal with.

If Egemen wants to keep the window fixed at least give us the option of window sizes at install for us running larger than 800x640 screens which to be honest is the majority of users these days! ;D



I meant it would annoy him in the sense that if he reads this, he will suddenly remember about that flickering problem & it will probably cause a slight gnashing of the upper & lower jaw. ;D

Oh right, understood. What with AVS and CPF betas not going as well as hoped, I think he’s more on his mind at the moment than window resizing code :wink:

Original message edited to show improved method.


Thank you so much for this!

I had a utility once that would resize windows but this is much better, smaller, faster and it seems much more efficient. Now the log is somewhat usable again at a 1027x768 size or higher.

The hard-wiring of window sizes in all kinds of software will be an eternal mystery.

I wish to thank everyone for writing of all the tutorials. (:CLP)

Keep-up the good work. (L)