How to Report Malware to Comodo

If you find a file that you believe to be malicious then you can report it to Comodo in 1 of 3 ways.

1st Method – Website Submission

  1. Go to Comodo Malware Analysis
  2. Select Malware/Suspicious
  3. Select the file and put in your information
  4. Upload the file

2nd Method – Over e-mail
Please do not use the submission by email at malwaresubmit[at] anymore because Comodo is no longer monitoring it.
1. Put the file, or files, in a password protected zip folder. Please make the password ‘infected’.
2. Make the subject of the email ‘Suspicious File Submission’.
3. Include any information about the sample that you believe to be relevant.
4. Email the file to malwaresubmit[at]
5. Note that if the size of the file is too large for you to email you can upload the file to a file sharing site, such as, and include the download link in the email.

3rd Method – Post on the forums

  1. Create a new reply to Submit Malware Here To Be Blacklisted – 2016.
  2. Make sure you follow all guidelines in the first post.
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