How to remove the abk.bat virus?

hi mates, please give some instructions how to remove this kind of virus :abk.bat" (:AGY)

If you using CIS, it should of prevented it in the first place and possibly alerted you of Possible Malware Behaviour (Defense+).

Anyway, Either of these should remove it:


why comodo can not detect this virus (:SAD)

Because no AV can detect everythng - It’s simply impossible, And you can’t rely on detection as your first line of defense in our days anymore, Prevention should be you’re first like of Defense, Detection second and that’s where CIS comes in as a layered security model. 99% of the time, Defense+ will PREVENT any malware. Are you using CIS with Defense+? A pop up should of came up…


On top of what Josh said;

Yes an alert from D+ should have come up.
Could you please switch Defense+ to safe mode, now go to-

Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Computer Securtity policy.
In there you should see rules for applications you have, Quite possibly if you answered an alert wrong you will most likely find the rules for the malacious file in there. Delete those rules and click apply.

The next time that malacious file runs select “Treat this as… Isolated Application” This will put the file in a Quarintene like restrictions and won’t be able to do any damage.

If possible can you please upload the missed sample to comodo? It may help other users if they come across this.

Please get back to us and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Presumably you were alerted to this by prevx cis or another program which needs payment for a full version to remove it.

If you are looking for free help to remove the files, I suggest you post a HijackThis log on one of the helper forums, look in the What to do if infected thread.

This can be removed but it would be safer for you to have trained supervision unless you are used to doing this yourself. If you do that please only post on one of the forums. I would suggest you look to see if they have many requests waiting with no replies and choose the one with the fewest. If they all look busy you could pm me for a quieter one.