how to remove program from sandbox ?

I just installed Comodo internet security version 5.0.16 but i use only its firewall and my configuration is set to

proactive security and I want to know to how to enforce this application not to run some programs in sandbox as every time I run Microsoft Windows built in Resource monitor or Task manager programs I found that they were running in Comodo sandbox and although I moved these 2 programs to trusted files ,everytime I run them they run in sandbox… so how can I permanently prevent these 2 programs from running into sandbox?

and in Execution Control Settings, what is the difference between treat unrecognized files as partially limited ,limited,restricted,blocked and untrusted ??

and sorry for this long topic but I am new Comodo user .

Hello tito_66

I hope i can answer your questions very quickly and with much accuracy;

1; Is there any items in the “Always Sandbox” List? (CIS > Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Always Sandbox)

2; Please See Here for Execution Control Information

3; Also check for updates (CIS > More > Check for Updates)

Hope this helps


thanks for your answer and there is no item in Always Sandbox window and still this problem occur .

Your Welcome; Also can you post a screen shot of you defense+ events?

Particularly the task manager/resource monitor programs being sandboxed


here you can see…