How to remove New Win32 virus which has affected all exe files

my pc is infected with New Win32 virus. It has affected all exe files. I tried to remove it through macafe and avg but they cant clean it. i even formatted my c drive but to no avail. please help me how to remove this virus.

Hi there.
This so called ‘New Win32’ virus sounds like a generic name given to a malware variant that hasn’t been named yet. You’ll need to be in Safe mode to try and remove this,what you should try is the following:

1.Reboot the pc and press F8,then choose ‘Safe mode with Networking’ from the available options.
2.Once booted go online and run this scanner:

Hopefully this’ll remove anything on there,but with you saying it survived a format it’s possible that further measures may be needed.Try that scan and let us know the result.

Good luck,Andy.


What’s the path for the virus? Is there any reason for why AVG and McAfee can’t delete the file (file in use or something)?
If that’s the cause, you could give Avast! a try and to a boot-time scan.
But andyman35’s way should work, as Windows should olny load the necessary drivers and processes in Safe Mode.


In this case I would try the Eset Online Scanner because of it’s good heuristics.

But like andyman35 says, you have to use it in ‘Safe mode with Networking’ :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Edit : Omg, I even forgot to post the link. I am realy getting old >:(

If you have formated the drive and the problem persists, try the following:
First, check your BIOS to see if there is a BIOS anti-virus program protecting your boot sector and preventing re-install. If so, turn it off.

  1. From DOS type: FDisk /MBR
    This should format the disk and the master boot record. Try re-installing.

  2. If that fails, try using something like the UBCD4WIN boot disk, or the Killdisk: write zeros to your entire drive. You will have to then set your C: drive to active using Fdisk. Then try re-installing.

If you have other partitions, you may have to clean them also, since the infection could easily reside on them. If these still fail to restore your hard drive, it may be damaged.

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