How to remove eZula variant ?

I was wondering if you guys could help me out with this :

My PC was infected with the ezula virus .Comodo Antirus can detect and remove it but it seems ezula can reinstall itself after each removal by Comodo.This left me frustrated.I have tried using Comodo Antivirus in combination with Ad-Aware and SpyBotSD.This also did not work.I have also googled the web for manual removal solutions but my pc doesn’t any registries or exes like ones shown in those web pages.Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to go to windows safe mode

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. When the machine first starts, hit the “F8” key repeatedly until you see a new screen
  3. Go to Safe Mode
  4. run comodo anti-virus. after it’s clean. restart the computer

If this doesn’t work please read What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer.

Thank you all for replying to my post.Comodo Antivirus however,is not functional in safe mode(kept giving me errors).I will try Chiron’s method.Thanks

If you read above CIS cannot currently run in Safe Mode. I’ve never used Norman, is it any good?

Ive tested it not that good really.

I had thought I’d heard that, but I wasn’t sure.


I thought since v4 there was the command line scanner for Safe-Mode. Anyone else tried?

IMPROVED! Antivirus Engine Antivirus engine is improved for better detection and cleaning. The new engine now has disinfection support for the infected files. A new command line virus scanner (cavscan.exe) has been introduced in order to address the need for scanning the computers in windows safe mode or scanning files transferred from MSN etc.

Did a small test and it seemed to work fine on my box, allthough that doesn`t mean it will allways work :wink:

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I didn’t know that. I’ll have to try it as well.

I definitely need to make a video about this, I have not tired the safemode scanning yet.