How to remove e-mail accounts??

In the on-line help there is a remove button in the “configured email accounts” window, that button doesn’t exist in the product itself or the included documentation…


Thanks in advance for your help.


I see ToddO got no reply. It seems I am asking the same question in a reply just now to Aceone about this sort of thing!!!
Denis (V)

I see the question hasn’t been answered yet. Seems like comodo ( technical staff i suppose) doesn’t seem to know the answer.
If possible, please, someone tell us how to remove an emailaccount


:-\ I dont want to do it but uninstall/reinstall would be a possible option. Is there no one out there more clever than JP, ToddO and me? I have about a dozen reduntant accounts in the quarantine database


I’m sorry nobody has replied to you as of yet, I have alerted all of the Comodo staff on this forum about this so they can get back to you.


By the current design, CAS must have all accounts added to filter any email acount. So it works for all account or does not work. That could be the main reason that remove button is not provided there.
But now, you may add a dummy emai account and want to delete it from. Software does not provide it now. But software will work fine with any dummy email account is listed there. So do not worry about it.
However, if you are keen to remove it, you can reinstall CAS to remove it.


I would like to add, you can disable an account and I don’t think you get the spam in the quaranteen then for the account. At least I didn’t. But not sure if this helps your issue or not.


Thanks Kishor and Paul.
Yes you are quiet right the redundant accounts do not show up with quarantined mail and even less so when disabled. So they really should not be a problem as you have suggested Kishor – were it not for the fact I like to glance at spam (to check it really is spam) before deleting. This means I have to scroll down a long list of accounts (many with the same name!!) to see the spam in my enabled accounts (the drop down list does not show which is or is not disabled (This is a HINT for developers!!)). So I think I will do as you suggest and reinstall CAS. I will not be doing this for a week or two as I would like to rationalise active accounts in Outlook, tell my contacts, and clean out my address book first – and get my white list really white.
One of the reasons I have so many accounts is that for some years I have been getting about 50% spam. My cure for this was to create a new account and then another, and another and we changed ISPs a few times - these old accounts got imorted to CAS. I am very happy with CAS and now realise I really now only need one account for family and one for non- family. I plan to start off with two newly named accounts, which should be free of spam at least for a while. I shudder to think how to work out just who I have to tell about these – and who not to tell! In many cases (like the Comodo Forum) I need to make the change on their website – in my case this could be 30 websites – and in many cases I have forgotten how I registered, email address, username, password, secret questions etc.
In future when I have to register on all non critical sites, (ie non-financial sites), I think I will just use a Yahoo address and thus try to preserve my POP/SMTP accounts free from spam. I don’t mind getting lots of Spam on Yahoo as it is quick to review and delete the whole bulk folder with one click. I never use my Yahoo account for day to day emailing so this protocol should work well for me. How about ToddO and JP?
Thanks for all the splendid help J

Denis (V) (:WAV)

Quite welcome! :wink:


The only way I found to remove email accounts, is removing them in the Windows Registry.
Run regedit to access Windows Registry and search for the accounts you want to remove, once you find them under Comodo, ComodoAntiSpam, Accounts, just delete the one or all you don’t want anymore.
Don’t forget to make a registry backup in case you have to go back.
Worked fine for me, let me know your result.
Carlos Henke :■■■■

Many thanx. Worked like a charm. (B) (R) (:CLP)

Thanks Carlos, worked like a dream… (:WIN)