How to reinstall cert on new IIS server


Had to change servers due to “force majeur” (ValueWeb/HostWay moved datacenters – many servers down for 100h+ up to now – we decided to move to ServerBeach).

Our machine is Windows 2003 Web edition running IIS 6. I have both the certreq.txt file I generated on the previous (still unreachable) server and the *.cer that was sent to us.

Can the existing Positive SSL cert imported into IIS now? Any help would be appreciated.



Unfortunetly unless you have a backup PFX file from the server it will not be possible to get the certificate working using the current files that you have.

The below article on this explains this a bit more fully,1,29

The only two options that you have open to you would be to

  1. Obtain a exported copy of the certificate from the current server.

  2. Request a reissue of the certificate again using the support help desk with a newly generated CSR

In these cases I would always recommend pursuing the 1st option as this is normaly the simplist and quickest way to get your server back up and working normaly.

If the first option is not availiable for whatever reason you will then need to follow the 2nd option. When you submit the ticket insure that the CSR is correctly generated and that your order number is included in the ticket to the support desk. Please also incude a brief explaination of why require the certificate to be reissued. ( this request will need to be sent from the email address of the account contact of your SSL certificate account )


ValueWeb/HostWay have grossly messed up the datacenter switch, so unfortunately the 1st option is not possible for me – still no access to our dedicated server since Friday.

I have asked for a reissue. Thanks for offering this option, I appeciate it :slight_smile:

BTW, can the old cert be revoked?



You can revoke the certificate by logging into your account and under the “ssl certificates” option on your order number you should see a revoke option.

If this option is not availaible you can submit a ticket to the support desk from the account holders email address along with your order number and request that they revoke this on your behalf.

kind regards