how to quarentine threats found

Hi i’v found some threats through my scan and dont know how to quarentine them can anyone help please?

Could you please post a screenshot of the popup that CIS shows.
There should be a button that asks if you want to move to quarantine, delete, or ignore.

open “comodo internet security” then select “antivirus” then select “scanner settings” & under real time settings select the “Automatically quarantine threats found during scan” then do the same on “scheduled scanning” now do a scan.

I hope that helps. ;D

Speaking of this… I’ve always had a question: should I set, or not set, “automatically quarantine threats found” for realtime, manual and scheduled scanning?

My computer’s not on 24/7, but it’s on maybe 12 hours a day, and I’m very often away from it for long periods.

Pros I can see in auto-quarantining: evil stuff gets quarantined if it’s found while I’m away and can’t answer an alert.

Cons I can see: a false-positive may get instantly auto-quarantined and it may be something very important (like a file that’s a critical part of Windows!) leading to system crashes and possibly big damage to Windows or other safe programs, and if auto-quarantine were NOT on, and I WAS present, I’d probably see it was an FP and choose to ignore, not quarantine, it.

False positives DO occur, I’ve seen them… so while auto-quarantine is a good idea, it may also, rarely, be a bad one, if an FP is an important system file.


I set mine to automatically quarantine threats, but I only do this after I have performed an on demand scan with the heuristics set to high. I then submit all of the false positives to Comodo:

Once these are taken care of it is highly unlikely that you will encounter a false positive in anything other than a newly downloaded program. Nothing big to worry about.

I’ve had really old files that have been around for many months, and have been scanned by CAV just fine for many months, suddenly get detected as FP’s right after a CAV database update happened, which is why I’m hesitant to use auto-quarantine. Never had a critical Windows system file be flagged though, so maybe I’ll try enabling the option.

Hmm, that’s never happened to me. Were these detected by signature or with the heuristics?