How to properly rename CBU files

Every time I do an incremental back up I seem to be extending the name of my back up. What was, for ex. ‘a,FOTO_inc_files’, has now become a,FOTO_inc_files_inc_files_inc_files. I know that if I change this name in my back up hard drive the program itself will not have this on record. So how do I change the name so both my HD and Comodo have the same thing/name?
(also I still can’t seem to remember how to open a CBU file just to look at the contents (even after reading the manual again) nor seem to find a way to look at my back up hard drive and let it redo a back up of whatever file is there. Double clicking the cbu or right clicking does not give me any such option–or at least i can’t see it.)

Hi pintree3,

Thank you for reporting, we will check with the related team and update you.