How to prevent forced signature and database updates


I am using CIS for years now, without any problems. Until now I installed the firewall only. Since I am working with Windows 10 and the latest Symantec Endpoint version is not working with CIS, I installed CIS firewall and antivirus.

Although I unchecked every setting in the updates panel, the CIS tray changes every three or four days from red to a yellow symbol with an exclamation mark. This goes only away when I make an update of my signature and database.

I already made a full uninstall and new install of CIS. Same behaviour. I also deactivated all Comodo tasks in the taskplaner.

How can I prevent this behviour? I want to update the signatures and the CIS application only when I want to.

I am using the latest CIS with Windows 10.

Thank you for your help in advance.

It is not possible not to get that notification after three days.

Thank for your answer. So it is a feature not a bug, right?

You could call it a feature. However, you could make a wish in Wishlist - CIS to provide an option to turn this off this notification.

Thanks for your assistance.