How to prevent CIS automatically delete files

Hey everyone , new to COMODO , ok everything works fine and all , though COMODO its rather more complicated compare to all the others i used…anyways , somehow sometime COMODO mistaken my file as virus and deletes it i think, some of the program requires to run and wasn’t able to , then i went to check the files were missing , CIS deletes them without even asking my permission , there isn’t any popup asking for ALLOW / TRUST etc , im not sure its on which of the programs either , either the ANTI VIRUS / DEFENSE + ,

This only happens after i installed CIS , before i was using KIS 2012 (kaspersky) , they too detect the files but they will ask my permission 1st, so it was ok

Then when i want to run the program , the file was missing and i wasn’t able to run it. But all i have to do its just re-install it then i make sure it won’t happen again i added them to TRUSTED FILES in DEFENSE + and EXCLUSION list in my ANTI VIRUS , so far they haven’t been deleted , but problem is maybe in future it might happen to some other new programs or so , so i might forget / not know it is COMODO doing, can anyone give me a list of settings for my CIS to make sure this won happen again ?

Sandbox modes won’t do anything until i say so right ?

Go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings, and uncheck the box next to Do not show antivirus alerts under the Real Time Scanning tab, and Automatically clean threats during scanning under the Scheduled Scanning tab.

The automatic sandbox will sandbox any unrecognized application without your intervention.

In addition to that please verify Antivirus → Quarantined Items.
CIS latest versions do no delete but ‘Auto’ Quarantine.