How to POST!

Dear Users,

If you post a message, please update it with your software&hardware informations!

0. You don’t need to publish any information if your post is regardless of the software/hardware environment.

  1. Exact version number of the product - If you are already a user of Comodo Backup or you want know more about the current release.
  2. Operating System info - Examples: Windows 2000 Pro, XP Home, XP Pro, etc.
  3. Regional setting - If you might got problems caused by foreign letters.
  4. Hardware information about your cd- or dvd-rom. Please, also try to include informations about the used discs.
  5. Post any other backup or emulator program names which may interfare with Comodo Backup.
  6. If you have problems with a job, please, include the settings in your posts so we can either solve the problem or confirm it as bug.
  7. Steps to reproduce the error.
  8. Post your query in the HELP board, rather than the main Backup board.

Before you report an error, be sure to repeat the steps you have taken as it can be a false positive (~can be a temorary system problem, for example, you had small pagefile, etc.).

edit : Added point 8. Ewen


The forum boards for Comodo Backup consist of four boards;

  1. The one you are reading now
  2. FAQ For Comodo Backup
  3. Help For Comodo Backup
  4. Beta Corner for Comodo Backup
  • Board number one exists solely to hold the two other boards (HELP and FAQ) general announcements about the product (versions, updates etc.) and this post.
  • Board number 2 (FAQ) contains simple Q&A posts for the most commonly asked questions.
  • Board number 3 (HELP) is where you should post all questions/suggestions/comments.
  • Board number 4 (BETA CORNER) is where information on beta versons of Comodo Backup is posted.

Please post in the appropriate section, as it makes it easier to find information.

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile: