How to manage email notifications?

I’d like to disable the spamming “topic split” notification especially.


There is no means within the forum to do this, but the answer lies within your email client.

Simply set up a rule in your email client that deletes any incoming email with “Topic Split” in the subject. Depending on your email client, you could add a second layer to this rule and add “where is the sender” to this rule. This would delete any email that has “Topic Split” in the subject AND is from “”.

These two conditions need to be in the one rule and not all email clients support multi-condition rules. If they are added as separate rules, you could end up deleting all incoming emails from “”.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s some crude forum software :slight_smile: Fortunately I use the mail geek dream - Fastmail.
Understood. Thanks!