How to make Virtual Comodo Dragon default browser ?

I can set normal CD as default browser just fine, but how can I set default browser to Virtual Comodo Dragon instead? I see no options choices in Win 8.1 default settings. Right now if I want a link to open in Virtual Comodo Dragon it has to open first in normal CD then I have to manually switch to Virtual Comodo Dragon. Very annoying and time consuming. Surely there is a way to make Virtual Comodo Dragon default browser isn’t there?




Virtual Dragon is basically Comodo Dragon running in the CIS sandbox. There is no way for the system to identify them as two different applications.
One solution for this is to check you CIS sandbox settings and have Dragon always launch in the sandbox. The default restriction level for the added application is “fully virtualized”, the same as the one used when running Dragon in virtual mode.


I’ve tried this workaround but it gets a bit strange.

Dragon launches inside the sandbox yet remains unaware of the sandboxed state, as the ‘switch to virtual mode’ option still appears on the Dragon menu.

I would very much like a setting that forces Dragon to always launch sandboxed in virtual mode.

Hi sysfu,
A non elegant workaround would be to change all the file associations under default programs (Associate a file type or protocol with a program) that are associated with Dragon to ‘virtual_mode_helper.exe’
File location C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon.

Kind regards.