How to make it monitor programs automatically?

I am trying to figure out how to make the programs manager monitor newly installed programs so that I can use its enhanced features for uninstalling and backups. I just installed it, and so most of my programs are not monitored yet. However, just to see how it would work, I purposely uninstalled a program and then reinstalled it. I figured Programs Manager would recognize the new installation and begin monitoring this program automatically. But when I went back in to look at it in PM, the newly installed program was still not indicating “monitored”. Is there a setting somehwere I missed? Thanks.

the installs should be monitored automatically. what version of CPM are u using?

the most recent version 1.2.x. Anyway, I can see that the next few programs i installed are being monitored by pG. perhaps the other one was not removed completely, or i needed a reboot for it to register as such. all appears well now.