How to make different email accounts use the same authentication list

Sorry just cannot find out how to do this.

I don’t really want to spend time managing different lists for different email accounts, though I realise that this flexibility will be useful to many people.

Many thanks in anticipation.


Hi Mouse1:

     It's a good idea. 
     I think a button with 'Synchronize authentication lists' will simplify this work, Or CAS could provide one option for each accounts, 'Share authentication list of other accounts', so the user need not worry about managing different lists for different accounts if all his accounts has this option set.
    How do you think about that?

I think your second option, the option to share authentication lists between accounts is the best one. Presumably this would work by each account contributing to and using a merged list (I can forsee complexities if each account contributes entries to its own list but uses a merged list for checking incoming emails).

This option avoids the complexities of synchronisation (conflict resolution, scheduling syncronisation, people forgetting that lists can be inconsistent between synchs etc), which (IMHE) result in large support overheads.

It may be as well to set all accounts to use the shared list by default, as this would reduced the frequency with which people need to merge separate lists. (Merging lists may involve conflict resultion - eg one list says sender is blocked, another than sender is allowed!).

If you want this to evolve into enterprise software, you may have to generalise this facility further by recognising authentication lists as first class entities which can be named and managed by users separately from email accounts. Users would then define which accounts were to input to, and be governed by, which authentication lists - with sensible defaults to simplify matters of course.

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work. I will post a few other suggestions and a few minor bugs over the next few days/weeks, if that will help.


Hi Mouse1:

       Your suggestions and reports are always welcome. :)

Could this trace be added to wish list please?


You can post it in the wishlist.