How to make AdGuard & Comodo Mobile Security work together

Hi All,

Plan to try Comodo Mobile Security after a long time - but face a dilemma

I use AdGuard to block ads & restrict internet access - how do make it work together with CMS?|
Does CMS have ad blocking features+ Firewall like AdGuard?

Thanks in advance.


Comodo Mobile Security has Firewall option. Therefore, you can use this option to restrict internet access from any app you want.



I also had the exact same question. I think right now the most important thing is security for our devices. I had to go to the official website to see what it can really do based on user reviews (Usually if I don’t see any review, I become skeptic). From the reviews I saw, I think the app is legit. I do trust new apps based on user reviews, but still, I think you should try it for yourself to see.