How to make a 'closed' port 'steath' again ...

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For the record I am using a Compaq Presario AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3300+, 2411MHz/1.93 GBs RAM, running Windows Xp Home, SP3., with IE8 and the latest version of Comodo Firewall.

Yesterday Ronny walked me through a Diagnostics problem which is now solved.

However, after just doing a clean install of Comodo Firewall, which helped to solve the Diagnostics problem, I tried to check how the firewall was now working by utilizing the program “Shields Up”.

To make a long story short when I was checking the ‘Common Ports’ feature of Shield’s Up I can’t remember if I told Comodo to allow or block Shield’s Up incoming probes. Regardless, Shield’s Up now shows my Port 1030 as being ‘closed’.

(1) Is there a way I can get Comodo to return it to the ‘steath’ reading?

(2) And, in the future, when I am running ‘Shield’s Up’ … should I allow or block their probes?

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Hello 2harts! Long time no see, I hope life is treating you well and the family :slight_smile:

(1)You should be able to stealth the ports with the “Stealth ports wizard” found within the firewall → common.

(2) You should block these probes.

Note: If you have a router, It’s most likely has it’s own firewall inbuilt, GRC will be testing this firewall.

Also, I wouldn’t be too worried about “Stealthed ports” So long as they are “Closed” If the ports are closed, They won’t transmit data that was requested externally.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: take care.

Hi Kyle,

Your fix worked like a charm.! :slight_smile: Port #1030 is now back to ‘steath’! :wink:

It is good to hear from you again too. The family is fine.

The only exception to that statement is my father passed away about a year ago but it was a blessing because his body was riddled with cancer and the associated pain that goes with it.

Hope everything is okay on your end of the world too.

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