How to load Certificate

I need some help in figuring out how to install my certificate in the VPN; when I go to tools and choose desktop controls I would like to require a password and certificate. However, when I choose this option and it asks you which certificate to use. My issue is that it tells me that no certificates are found, I have installed the certificate… it shows in my IE and my MS Outlook but I can’t get it to show here… please help.

hi Ghunt,

EasyVPN uses certificate to verify the allowable request from your friends,that will protect your PC which can only be controlled by certain ones,so if you want to use this protection,you need to choose the right certificate for your proper friend.And the certificate is belonging to your firend,not yours.

As far as i know,you can easily get a certificate from your friend,just tell him to send you a digital-signed mail.