How to list programs in Launchpad?

How does one add programs to launchpad?

I have AntiSpam, Backup, and CPF installed, but only CPF is in the launchpad.

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of it? ???

Press “open” under your “installed applications” and they will appear ;D

If it was that easy, I wouldn’t be here. lol

When I do that, I get links to download COMODO’s apps.

I think the problem is that, in the registry, Backup is in Comodo, but CPF and LaunchPad are in Comodo Group.

BTW, I uninstalled AntiSpamware because it doesn’t work on Hotmail.

JR1st - i tget the same thing. I only see the application in the LaunchPad that I installed last. Example. I install firewall and then backup. when I open the LaunchPad the only thing that I see under ‘installed applications’ is the backup, no firewall… where did it go? why?

please assist :smiley:

Yeah, I have this error or bug also. First I installed Comodo Personal Firewall and everything is okay with it. Then I noticed that there was also free antivirus from Comodo, so I installed it also. With that installation there came this Launch Pad thingy and I can see only Comodo Antivirus in there. Comodo Firewall still has it’s own tray icon. So is there a way to integrate these two icons, they are annoying separated?


Ok, to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, CPF had launch pad integrated at one time, it no longer does as many didn’t want it. If CAV comes with launchpad, it’s opening under the CAV which will probably only show CPF for other installed applications. When CPF had launchpad, I could only see other installed Comodo products, not CPF in the list. There will be a new build of CAV coming out and I will have to search and see if it will have launchpad or not. Since lauchpad wasn’t highly regarded for CPF, it may not. If I find it, I will let you know pronto. :wink:



Having both the AntiVirus and the Firewall module integrated into the Launchpad would be highly appreciated. Please work on this asap, thank you!

Btw: (R)

Hi, as I stated above, they nixed lauchpad. Many users did not want it at all, there were posts, votes, chaos, rioting in the streets, the world gone mad, so Comodo decided to take it out. I think those who wanted it were few to be honest. The new CAV I think will no longer have it either. Plus many were reading BOGUS info that it was spyware, uh, links to Comodo’s own FREE products spyware? lol. So in a nutshell, there you have it. I don’t think it will be back but perhaps it can be put out as a separate download for those who do, but don’t hold me to that.



Okay then if I cannot add CPF to Launch Pad I want to disable Launch Pad. But then I need to remove Comodo Antivirus from there. How to do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a new CAV build coming out, so I would honestly just wait for it. :wink: Just use what you have now, and in no time, a new CAV. I use Fix it utilities and have for years. Suddenly I can’t even install it on 2 computers, it quits running and leaves you open to attack. New anti-piracy thing. Really hacked my hoogies. So, I wanted a reason to go to CAV, , and now I have it! So when the new release comes out, I will be celebrating away. (:CLP)


OK, I wait for the new release :slight_smile:

The “BETA” is due the 12th I think. Please keep in mind the “BETA” word. :wink: I e-mailed Vcom a nasty letter and told them “I’m going to Comodo” . They won’t even let me uninstall Fix it from my old pc, and install on my newer one. That’s not anti-piracy, that’s bull. Even MS let’s you uninstall on one pc and put Windows on another. Another good example why WE NEED COMODO! This is what you get these days when you pay for something so if anyone thinks just because Comodo is freeware there’s something wrong, uh uh, paid versions of software can be very nasty! Long live comodo! (V)


Thats why I uninstalled and cancelled my subscribtion to Norman…

Think we can influence Comodo to release a CLP version including all their desktop products and one without and/or desktop products without the CLP? I for one have a lot of little icons in my systemtray and it’s starting to feel cluttered. This especially because the icons rearrange themselves randomly at each logon. And no, I don’t use the hide function. I don’t want to click too many times to reach the function I want and theres a limit to how many keyboard shortcuts I can remember :slight_smile:

So… where’s the poll at?

Not if its an OEM copy ofWindows, you can’t. OEMs are licensed for the hardware they were first installed only. Bitter voice of experience speaking here. :frowning:

rant over!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well yes, but an OEM isn’t “to me” a true OS. :wink: I mean a straight up full version OS, not that OEM garble. OEMs are half baked versions, a shadow of it’s former self. But I suppose it supplies a cheap “um” OS? for those who can’t afford to buy Windows outright so I shouldn’t slam it too bad. But they are so packed with garbage that some hardly like to work, depends who supplies it. SO yes, you are correct and for future reference, when I speak of OSs , I mean a { full\stand alone version. }
Thank you for throwing me into a rant as well ;D

rant over!