How to limit folder Size on my FTP server, for uploads

I was wondering if any knows of a software that will allow me to set a specific size of a folder. i run a ftp server and i want to allow people to upload stuff to it but dont want them taking all of my hard drive space. i want to be able to create a folder and set a file size limit that it cant exceed
i am running windows 7 pro 32


Edited the title to be more informative.

If these people will be having user accounts.
Then you can use the built in disk Quota to control their limits.

View My Computer in windows explorer, Right click the drive, select Properties > Quota tab.
I think the Tab will be fairly self explanatory.
Select the Quota Entries button and set the limits per user.
This will be for the drive, but you will only let them access one folder so the result would be the same.


no they dont have user accounts. its just an ftp server i guess i didnt put that in my OP oops

does win7 have disk quota?

i will fix the OP and title

I have it in Ultimate, and I just assumed it is in Pro also.

I did start with an if. :wink:
I don’t know how ATM but there must be a way.


yea i saw the if :wink:
i was just clarifying that i dont have seperate accounts
i thought there should be a way too which is why i posted here
i tried looking all over the internet but with no luck a lot of people ask for the same thing but no one ever has a definite answer