How to Keep it from Slowing Down my Computer

It seems that CAV is using tremendous amounts of resources on my computer. If I leave my computer running and leave it long enough for the screen saver to start up, it takes several minutes for me to get my screen back, if it comes back at all. I’ve even had to reboot a couple of times.

I see in the forums that this type of thing use to be a problem before v2, but I’d assumed the issue had been resolved.

Is it possible that I need to reconfigure something in the program or that it is conflicting with leftovers from my old (deleted) AV?

Okay, so I think I’ve fixed this problem but it took me all week.

I used cclean as well as several articles to remove “most” of Norton IS from my system. I say most because I messed up my registry and had to spend an evening getting my computer back online. What a hassle.

Now that I’ve done that the program is running smoother, although I do have some questions for another post.