How to issue email certificate for Mac OS users

Hi, I use comodo for a while and I had always some issue with issuing for mac os users but today I met it personally. I request the certificate for myself I tried to downloaded with Safari. I receive just public portion. I spent two hours by explaining to comodo support that I have not receive private part. After two hours they told me to revoke and make another one and use Firefox(!) to download it. I can do that but I cannot go to my CEO and tell him “…man you need to install firexfox first…”. I have tried also chrome but it does not work at all. I finally run my fusion and windows. Do you have any practical experience with it. What crypto provider use for mac users. (I have El Capitan/Safari and I used MS enhanced crypto prov 1.0) Support was not able to give me any better advice than use firefox.


A couple of things that might help.

Firstly, you must apply for and collect the certificate using the same machine.

Secondly the ‘Private’ part of the request remains on your local machine, it is not sent to Comodo, so therefore they cannot provide it to you.
That is also why you must use the same machine to apply for and collect the certificate.

Lastly, once you have collected the certificate using the same machine you can then export it to another machine if required using the info below:

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for the answer.
It explains how it is working. Thank you I already know that.
But How to make it working on Mac OS without Firefox? Simply: The private key is not stored in Safari (or better in keychain). And in Chrome: when you click to button request certificate nothing happens. So as a mac user have I to use firefox or fusion with windows and export certificate?
BTW: During my last discussion with Comodo support I receive the link twice even I told the support that I definitely do no need export the cert. :slight_smile: There is probably some hidden magic in the link.


Just to clarify the process…

Are you using the same machine, same user, and same browser when applying for and collecting the certificate?

If not then that’s why you’re seeing an issue.
You will definitely not be able to collect the certificate using chrome if you applied using Safari, that’s why the link in the email you were sent doesn’t work.


Yes. Same machine, same browser, same user.


Sorry, but that’s the limit of my knowledge.

It does, as far as I can tell, work with Mac and Safari.
Take a look under Mac OS X Safari or OmniWeb.

Maybe someone else may have other suggestions.


Two youtube videos worth the viewing:

  1. How to sign/encrypt email using OS X Mail and a secure certificate authority CA
    How to sign/encrypt email using OS X Mail and a secure certificate authority CA - YouTube

  2. How to send/receive encrypted email on iOS using a secure certificate.
    How to send/receive encrypted email on iOS using a secure certificate - YouTube

Hope this helps.

I followed this and I’m having problems. No other FAQs seem to address my issue.

I signed up via Safari on my Mac, which is my default browser. Clicked the link in the email to collect the cert & it downloads a file to my downloads folder. The file is “CollectCCC.p7s”, and it is not automatically installed into Safari.
When I try import it into Mac Keychain it does not ask for a password, appears to complete successfully but does not show up.
Any ideas on what’s going wrong?