How to install unknown program if sandboxed ?

Please help me on this problem :

  • I want to test a program let’s say program.exe. it’s an installation file.
  • I run it, It requires elevated privileges so i choose to sandbox it (everithing is ticked in the sandbox options)
  • The install starts in the sandbox (installer not recognized?) … and stops when a folder c:\program file\program\ can’t be created by the installer :stuck_out_tongue:

so what do i do now ? for the moment, i sent program.exe to virus total, saw it was ok and installed it outside the sandbox… it doesn’t seem to be very smart… what did I miss ? O0

Currently many programs, if run in the sandbox, will not function correctly. The same is true for installers.

I think the best way is to check out the file before you go to install it and if you know it’s safe then give it elevated privileges or add it to the safe list.

so what’s the use of the sandbox ? 88) if every unknow installer has to be ran with elevated priviledges ???

I think i’m gonna desactivate the sandbox and answer to D+ alerts like in v3


I agree with you, and also dsiable the Sandbox.