How to install PrivDog into Pale Moon browser?

Hi, recently i’m switching to Pale Moon x64. It is a variant of Mozilla Firefox. As the title suggest, can anybody guide me on how to install PrivDog addons on this browser?

Currently PrivDog installation doesn’t recognize Pale Moon, but i thought it is possible to be done manually since Pale Moon still using the same core as Firefox.

Hi Cicak Komodo,
I haven’t got Palemoon to test, but the following may work correctly.

  1. Download the zip folder attached and extract the .xpi file.
  2. Drag’n’Drop the .xpi file into an open window of Palemoon.

Kind regards.

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Thanks for zip archive. :-TU
When will the new - please lay out for the test.
On the note.
PrivDog conflicts with ABP. ( Probably simply there is nothing to block. When ABP works.)
I will be look.
And yet - PrivDog does not block Google Analytics (https) in forum comodo. (NoScript - enabled).
Ghostery - blocking normal.
CID 25 FF 25 portable.

Thanks Captain. It works as it should.

However in the future, if there’s any update release, i guess i have to do it manually? In that case why not uploading the .zip version on the official PrivDog site?

I think i have to inform, there’s slight irregularity. Like as if PD fail to detect threats unless the page is refreshed. For example i just visit, complete with video ads but somehow PrivDog show there were no threats detected (which i doubt since twitch relies heavily on ads). After refreshing the page, PrivDog blocked 7 threats.

It seems like my last concern in my previous post was somehow related to HTTPS Everywhere. Is there by chance these two addons are conflicting with each other?

On Chrome / Dragon for example when both of these enabled, sometime the notification from addons menu show an error for PrivDog, something related to failing to redirect (i forgot the exact term but i’m sure you can replicate it easily).

I run some quick test, on for example when both HTTPS Everywhere and PrivDog are enabled, the ads are not blocked nor replaced by ads from AdTrustMedia. But with HTTPS Everywhere disabled, PrivDog working perfectly. No more flash-based ads, instead it is replaced by standard static ATM ads. This is not only happen in Pale Moon, but IceDragon and official Mozilla Firefox release as well.

You are welcome.

However in the future, if there's any update release, i guess i have to do it manually? In that case why not uploading the .zip version on the official PrivDog site?
Not sure why it isn't, but there is mention of it for the future.

I would consider creating a bug report in the following location, the developers might then find a solution.
Bug Reports - PrivDog


Hi jenny66,
The conflict between ABP and PrivDog might be on going due to the nature of both products. :slight_smile:

I think most likely therefore there will be no a separate addition. For CID, FF… portable.
It is a pity. :frowning: