How to install Comodo Cloud Antivirus in my local windows machine

Hi Team,

I have recently purchased Comodo Cloud Antivirus can only one please guide how can in installed cloud antivirus on my local windows machine. I am new here and unable to understand how to do that.

thank you in advance.

Comodo Cloud Av is discontinued so you probably purchased Comodo Internet Security Pro which Cloud Av Purchase link redirects.

install this and activate


Hi there,

I have successfully installed the comodo Cloud AV, I have the following questions.

  1. After the installation of Comodo on the user-end machine it’s showing me the end-point machine on my cloud admin panel you can also see that in the screenshot. All component is enabled except the firewall. Cloud you please guide how can I enable the firewall?

  2. One more issue is when I click on the setting of the comodo antivirus on user-end it’s asking me the password. Could you please guide how to set that password

hope you understand my point.

thank you

refer to this website

also look at attachment

P.S: You also installed Server Antivirus which is Enterprise product, customer licences are probably not applied to them and you may need business domain.