How to install CCE & Killswitch in CIS6 offline

I would like to know how we can add CCE and Killswitch components to CIS 6, on systems that do not have internet connection.

It seems they are not being downloaded through update channel…

Can we have them integrated in to the installer at least ???


+1 and please make an option to kill specific active connections. This feature was better integrated in 5… I don’t really see many users using their antivirus task manager… but maybe thats just me.

When we try to install Killswitch or CCE on a system without internet connection, it gives a weird error instead of simply saying that there is no internet connection and it can not download.

Hope some of the Mods are Devs look in to this issue.

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I wonder why everyone is silent about this basic, yet essential component not being available for direct download and not integrated in to the beta…

I feel no one is trying to use/test CIS on an offline system…

Maybe post a bug report about the thing above ?

I am not quite sure if it can be called a bug…

I think it’s an essential feature missing from the build…

I believe the warning message may be a bug. I would think that the error should read differently.

Other than that I believe that this behavior may be intended. Essentially, CIS is now optimized mainly for machines which are connected to the internet. Thus, certain important functions, like the cloud-based whitelist, will already have problems. I suppose this is just another casuality in that march towards cloud-based applications.

I believe a workaround would be to download the portable version of CIS from the forum. This should be able to work just fine on a computer with no internet connection. Just import the database into it just as you would for CIS.

Those are just my thoughts and I could be very wrong. :-X

Thank you.

Thanks, I will report it in the bug section.

CIS may be optimized for Online systems, but still needs to be fully functional on Offline machines too. FYI, we have very few internet connections in our home town compared to the total number of systems.

I tried it, but it is still a separate CCE/Killswitch and it does not integrate in to CIS 6. Thus the “watch activity” part does not function even if I download CCE 2.5 separately.

I suppose this is another big handicap to the suite. (We already have a big handicap, the lack of Summary)