How to install CCAV on already installed Firewall+HIPS

windows10 64
Comodo firewall
Windows Defender

I’ve inadvertently omitted to install CCAV when installing the Firewall-which i use with Auto- Containment,HIPS,Viruscope,website filtering-so I installed after a couple of days CCAV separately,but I realised that it was installing Sandbox and other programs which I already had installed, so I uninstalled it,fearing to clutter the pc with unnecessary doubles.
I really want to get rid of windows Defender services and substitute with CCAV, but is there a way to
to do it without those doubles in a clean way?

I would:

  1. Sandbox/VirusScope: Enable only one sandbox/virusscope in either CCAV or CF.
  2. Disable browser modification protection on either CCAV or CF.
  3. In CF, add CCAV and HitmanPro folder to shellcode injection exclusions.
  4. Do not use CCAV traffic control over sandboxed apps and use Comodo Firewall for that, OR use CCAV traffic control and create an ignore rule for the CCAV sandbox folder.
  5. Create an ignore rule in the CF HIPS for the CCAV sandbox folder, you don’t want the HIPS to conflict with the sandbox.
  6. Turn off detect potentially unwanted apps in CF file rating, you can just use CCAV’s PUA detection which has direct valkyrie integration.

Comodo has some under the hood features which overlap some HMPA features, I don’t recommend using it with CF.

Thanks for replying Yousername. Yes,I’ll take into account your suggestions, all of them very valuable, but I gather that there’s no way
to install only the cloud in a ‘clean’ manner once you already installed CF. Unfortunately.
What I want is just CF+HIPS+Containment+Viruscope+ CLOUD AV. I dont need a full fledged AV.
I’ve uninstalled everything (CF+CCAV) quite thoroughly (RevoU etc.) and installed again the Firewall ,as i hoped it would offer me again the chance to also install the cloud during the proceedings, but it didnt.
My fear is that,when updating of sorts, the second disabled sandbox or another ‘double’, could be activated -Microsoft way- so causing
As to Hitman Pro alert, i’m aware it could overlap or conflict with Comodo HIPS, but the way I use AutoContainment (basically cruelsister config of CF) should stop dead any virus,including the crypto family,at least 1/10th of a second earlier than HMP Alert,which remains this way just a second layer of defense. I’ve used HMP with CIS v. 8 without any problem, the same now with my brief life with v.10. If I find any malfunction,anyway, I’ll reluctantly take care of it.